Teaching-teams not Teaching-solo: The secret to retaining Gen Y teachers

Recently, I spent some in a school with teaching teams comprised of early to mid-career teachers who fit neatly into the *Gen Y demographic. These teachers were passionate and committed, they loved the kids and loved their job. Within the shared learning spaces, the content was well-structured, teachers had clear roles throughout the learning session, […]

Educational Sacred Cows: Title, Position, Status. Does reinventing school mean reinventing the language we use?

Within a shifting global landscape I have been contemplating the elements of school that have remained constant and questioning whether a shake up is needed. Only this week in Australia the idea of a ‘newspaper’ has been thrown into question, as print media realised that the tectonic plates have shifted in this industry, and now […]

Innovative workplaces influencing learning spaces, or is it the other way around? #chickenoregg

What does this make you think of: It’s about choice Get better engagement Freedom of how to work, where to work and when to work Empowering Recognises the spectrum of work styles Different activities requiring varying levels of concentration or collaboration Technology is crucial Improves team collaboration and reduces individual competitiveness All of these phrases […]