Teaching-teams not Teaching-solo: The secret to retaining Gen Y teachers

Recently, I spent some in a school with teaching teams comprised of early to mid-career teachers who fit neatly into the *Gen Y demographic. These teachers were passionate and committed, they loved the kids and loved their job. Within the shared learning spaces, the content was well-structured, teachers had clear roles throughout the learning session, […]

What if school was like Uber? 5 critical disruptions for educating children of the #ubergeneration

Uber, on the one hand, under siege from the taxi industry, on the other hand, every second person I speak to seems to regularly utilise the service, whether it’s in Sydney, London or New York. Of course, the under 40s have definitely embraced it. This generation embraces disruption. They don’t watch scheduled TV, they don’t […]

A very personal reflection on faith in the richness of community: Freedom of – not from – religion

There is a debate in Australia about Christian influence in schools, as recipients of public funds. Many see faith represented across society as a relic of the past. As a Christian I live my faith in everyday life and I am unable to separate who I am and what I do from what I believe. […]

What does it really mean to have a culture of leadership at your school? It’s just like yoghurt.

Culture is the result of the fermentation process that gives yoghurt its unique texture and flavour. We can’t actually identify this elusive element called ‘culture’, it is just  there, otherwise it wouldn’t be yoghurt. The added fruit or flavourings may enhance, but they aren’t what make it yoghurt. In the same way, a culture of leadership […]

Read this if you hate the idea of being in front of the video camera (BTW…It’s time to get used to it)

If you are like me, you hate the idea, so why do you even need to consider it? If you work in education, this is the reality: Video is the 21stC currency of communication. We really can’t ignore it. Gen Z were born between 1995 and 2009. According the McCrindle Research this generation of digital […]