Innovating school: Mapping the change journey – 5 priorities identified by the OECD

According to the OECD, these are the three ingredients for innovating schools and systems: Leadership: strong leaders who establish optimal conditions in their schools Teachers: Confident and capable in their practice Culture: An openness to innovation OECD Report: Schools for 21st-Century Learners: Strong Leaders, Confident Teachers, Innovative Approaches (2015) by Andreas Schleicher, This document draws from three sources: evidence […]

My top 10 challenges to become an innovative school #revisited

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about my top 10 ideas for an innovative school, its been the most viewed post.  Although it’s not definitive, it’s helpful to have a guide that can shape strategy. This time I’ve added a few challenges. Revisiting the ideas, and updating for 2014: 1. A vision for […]

Innovative leadership in 3 simple steps: Know, Show & Let Go

Is our DNA evident across all we do?  Along with another colleague on the senior leadership team, I am responsible for ensuring that leadership and innovation are embedded deeply and are part of the DNA of the school. These two elements are essential to our identity. What is DNA? From a scientific perspective it is […]