Innovative leadership in 3 simple steps: Know, Show & Let Go

Is our DNA evident across all we do?  Along with another colleague on the senior leadership team, I am responsible for ensuring that leadership and innovation are embedded deeply and are part of the DNA of the school. These two elements are essential to our identity. What is DNA? From a scientific perspective it is […]

We live by different rules. One woman’s attempt at navigating them (um, that would be me)

An interesting Twitter exchange developed. I made an unusual comment, as I don’t normally jump into the political discourse. Our female Prime Minister announced the date of the election, with an unprecedented eight month lead in. I tweeted: “in the 2010 election the PM wore pearls (credibility) and is wearing glasses (this time I mean […]

She stepped back and replied, “You’re not one of those schools-with-no-walls, are you?” Who gets it and who doesn’t.

We talk about our passions, they just come up in conversations. sometimes we don’t even realise. On the weekend I briefly met a young woman in her 20s who turned out to be English teacher from an inner London Academy. Once she heard about my work and why I was in the UK she stepped back […]

Identifying leadership potential: Track record trumps talent

A colleague faced a dilemma. She had a leadership position to fill and a two potential candidates. Both displayed leadership ability, had the skills and qualifications to undertake the role, yet one stood out from the other. When he said ‘yes’ he meant it, he could adapt to change, he was not self-seeking and importantly […]

“The DNA of a leader needs to be fundamentally different from what it was in the past…be the person you want other people to be” Leadership lessons from a driving instructor.

When your offspring reach a certain age, a sense of fear and trepidation rises. The time has come to teach them to drive. My husband and I considered ourselves good drivers and, at the time, we were teachers, so it seems only natural that we would be excellent driving instructors. We spent several months driving […]