Design the Learning Ecosystem: Don’t forget ‘How’ after #StartWithWhy

Design. design /dɪˈzʌɪn/ (vb) decide upon the look and functioning of a building, garment, object, system or experience Innovative.innovative /ˈɪnəvətɪv/ (adj) new ideas; original and creative in thinking Innovative design is changing the the way we navigate our world, reimagining future opportunities, solving annoyingly small or significantly huge problems, or just plain helping people. Design thinking is applicable beyond […]

Relic or Really Important: Rethinking school routines, beliefs & practices

When I speak about culture I ask two questions: What do we think about school? What do we do about it? For example, if we view teaching as more monologue than dialogue we will arrange the learning environment to support the didactic teaching mode over discussion and group-based learning. Or, if we think that education […]