Leadership Culture 201: Two steps to transforming your school

Two steps to transforming your school: Step 1: Find your true north Step 2: Do everything that will make Step 1 happen Many of us agree that the historical model of school is broken and not serving the future, or even the present. Often the factory analogy of separation is used to describe the education […]

Let’s change the way teachers learn, so we can change the way teachers teach #mim14

We’ve just concluded our fifth Making it Mobile workshop, held at Northern Beaches Christian School. Excited and passionate educators arrived from Queensland, Victoria, ACT, UK, NZ  and Sydney. At Making it Mobile we present a professional learning experience that gives meaningful and helpful input as well as providing teams with the time and the space to play […]

What’s in the ‘secret sauce’ of an innovative school? The SCIL story

Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS), on the suburban fringe of Sydney has gained a reputation for innovation. There are many components that make this so, including, engaging learning programs, the physical spaces and places around the school, passionate and engaged students, and motivated and inspiring teachers. For the many hundreds of educational visitors who come […]

Starting the year at NBCS: Putting the F.U.N in PD to build a positive culture of collaboration and connection.

We all knew it was coming.   At the end of 2013, as the school year was finishing, the construction (and demolition) crews were coming into NBCS. Project Barcelona, the much awaited development of transforming the physical space of ‘school’ into a whole new model was underway. The brief that principal Stephen Harris gave to […]

“If you have a choice between a great teacher and a smaller class, go for a great teacher” 10 steps to greatness

Education policy adviser to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Andreas Schleicher said, “too much money had been spent reducing class sizes, instead of boosting teacher performance”. Northern Beaches Christian School, is becoming known as one of the world’s most innovative schools. Each week we host individuals and groups from across Australia and around […]

Kicking off the new school year. Never “same old, same old” here at Northern Beaches Christian School

In Australia the end of January is the start of the new academic year. Within a few days of getting back into it I usually gaze out the window, trying to recall the vacation and thinking to myself that perhaps it was just a dream? (No, I really did have Christmas in Paris with my […]