How do you lead innovation in schools? Step 1: Unlearn some old stuff & Step 2: Learn some new stuff

School leaders – here’s a quick quiz Are you prepared for disruption, mess and opposing viewpoints? Do you think you can successfully challenge the status quo? Can you throw out conventional approaches to leadership? Will you stick to it for the long haul? Yes? Then read on. Making It Mobile is the SCIL signature workshop for educators coming […]

Debating the lecture: If so, how long should teachers talk?

The Lecture: The process by which the notes of the lecturer become the notes of the student without passing through the mind of either* The term ‘lecture’, generally relates to university, where high level concepts are poured into empty vessels on a regular basis. However, for this discussion it also applies to any learning context […]

Courage is at the heart of leadership. Vulnerability is scary. Both are necessary for 21stC leaders

In an earlier post I asked: What skills and attributes does a principal need? I answered my own question, listing things like vision, endurance and the last one was courage. A tweet came back: “courage” is a key one. How often is the ‘courage’ of leadership raised? I watched a TED talk recently on vulnerability. […]