Future of Learning (is design): Let’s talk about ‘the lecture’

When was the last time you, as an adult learner, placed yourself in an unfamiliar, yet necessary learning context? Learning something that made your brain hurt? I like to use the expression in my workshops ‘create the need-to-know’, asking educators about whether the content has purposeful application to a context that matters to the learner. […]

Debating the lecture: Only if students are inspired – An astute academic’s perspective from the 1960s

Henry A Bent was well-known as a chemistry lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, North Caroline State University in the 1960-70s. So famous in these quarters, that he is known for Bent’s Rule In 1969 he published a paper, which is available online,  entitled Why Lecture? The paper begins with the statement: For students who […]

Debating the lecture: If so, how long should teachers talk?

The Lecture: The process by which the notes of the lecturer become the notes of the student without passing through the mind of either* The term ‘lecture’, generally relates to university, where high level concepts are poured into empty vessels on a regular basis. However, for this discussion it also applies to any learning context […]

Debating the Lecture: What is the place of the lecture in today’s education? Discuss.

For many generations the ‘lecture’ has been the predominant method to deliver content to students. In 1706, the term was described as “to address severely and at length”. It has been historically attributed to sitting for a long time and listening to one person speak, “at length” on a topic of expertise. Yet how effective […]