Australia’s educational reform: Becoming the Creative Country and the Clever Country #my5pointplan

When you are climbing the ladder of success, make sure it is leaning against the right wall. Education is on the political agenda this week in Australia. In the media our PM, Julia Gillard has been quoted as championing: A national crusade, a chance for change, education transforming the life of every child. This can be achieved, […]

I think the time has come to stop using the term 21st Century [education context] & become authentic #RIP21stC

It has been the passionate rallying call for change in education for more than a decade and has challenged many of us to rethink the context and culture of learning in this century as significantly different from the previous one. Now that we are more than 10% into it, our use of 21st Century in terms of […]

Reclaiming the physical space: Face-to-face or shoulder-to-shoulder? What happens in the #spacematters

Reclaiming spaces for learning is more than the physical environment and its fit out. Left to its own devices, human nature will default to known and comfortable behaviour. No matter how funky and open plan the learning space and furniture may be, there are a few key considerations to ensure that new spaces don’t just […]

Debating the lecture: Only if students are inspired – An astute academic’s perspective from the 1960s

Henry A Bent was well-known as a chemistry lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, North Caroline State University in the 1960-70s. So famous in these quarters, that he is known for Bent’s Rule In 1969 he published a paper, which is available online,  entitled Why Lecture? The paper begins with the statement: For students who […]