Paradigm shift: from solo-teacher to teaching team

My professional focus is the future of learning and learning environments. I see that the design of the spaces where learning occurs, plays a significant part in providing the context for the education our students need today. The innovative learning environment (ILE) enables an array of opportunities for student learning, supporting a variety of learningContinue reading “Paradigm shift: from solo-teacher to teaching team”

Great teams and great team leaders increase profit, however you might define it.

The language and terminology used in for-profit companies and not-for-profits organisations is often quite different. We don’t usually think about the term ‘profit’, yet there is a ‘gain’ in the non-profit sector, but it is measured against different criteria. Using the concept of the service-profit chain, this post translates the ideas so that excellent leadership,Continue reading “Great teams and great team leaders increase profit, however you might define it.”

Making Change Stick: Five priorities of an effective team

Build a Culture of Teams The team is always going to be greater than the sum of its parts. We all benefit from PD in action all day every day. (Teacher at NBCS)  Creative and innovative organisations value strong team culture. Quality key relationships reinforce a culture of teams throughout the entire school – when a school’sContinue reading “Making Change Stick: Five priorities of an effective team”