Future of learning (is design): Empathy mapping to target engagement

Learning design is a process of rethinking the experience of school that supports a zero-based strategy, rather than tinkering with the edges of the status quo. It is a shift from teacher-directed ‘delivery’ of curriculum, to learner-centred approaches. If we are genuinely seeking to engage the disengaged, then we need to focus in empathy – […]

Teachers as designers of learning: Step 1 Empathy

How might we support the individual student growth and achievement so that learning is personal and differentiated? Design thinking, a collaborative and participatory process, is useful in finding unique and creative solutions to complex problems. It provides a way for non-designers to co-design or co-create their way through a problem, shifting between convergent and divergent […]

7 steps to differentiated learning through empathy: Walking in their shoes

Being able to differentiate learning is considered important for enabling engaged and empowered learners. Approaches such as project-based, problem-based and enquiry-based learning are vehicles that can support differentiation, but there is greater benefit when the design of learning is overlaid with empathy, seeking to gain an understanding of student motivation and concerns. This post contains […]